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Seed Buying FAQ
Grow Guide: Seed Buying FAQ Category: Strains & Seeds
Author: web420 Post Date: 05-13-2006
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Q: Is it dangerous to order seeds?

A: Don't order seeds from the same address as your garden. If customs finds your seeds they'll likely just confiscate them.

Q: When ordering from the US, should seeds be shipped to a PO box?

A: A PO box is fine, particulary if you get one using a fake ID. Otherwise, the address of a sympathetic non-growing friend is a good bet.

Q: What precautions do the companies take?

A: Stealth packaging varies from retailer to retailer. It's safe to say that most companies are aware that seeds must be somewhat hidden and protected from crushing.

Q: Do feminized seeds really work?

A: Not all seeds are created equal. Some mothers (and some mothers turned pollen donors) recombine less successfully than others. The risk is hermaphrodism. Currenty, more feminized seeds exhibit the trait than not. You dont want hermies. Consult the Strain guide at overgrow.com for reviews of the particular seeds you're considering.

Q: Are Canadian strains as good as Dutch strains?

A: There are many equally excellent strains available from both Dutch and Canadian seed companies. Many of the Dutch companies are able to maintain a more professional working atmosphere than their Canadian counterparts, due to a certain tolerance for their business under Dutch Laws. Canadian seed suppliers are more underground, while Dutch seed retailers actually pay taxes, though they're occasionaly hassled by the authorities.

Q: What's up with the new Seed-Auction sites?

A: Cbay, run by RC of Heaven's Stairway, offers many new and off-the wall seeds. Even newer on the Net is the innovative cannabids.com, an open market for all cannabis-seeds buyers and vendors. Authentic seed-company stock (not just canadian) can be bid on, in bulk or individually, with no minimum purchase required. This site offers the best deals online for distributors, wholesale buyers and individual growers. Also check out HG420 Auctions and Seedbay.com

Article Copied from the High Times 2006 Seed Guide - Article by Breeder Steve

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