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Rockwool Cloning 101
Grow Guide: Rockwool Cloning 101 Category: Cloning
Author: Silent Post Date: 05-13-2006
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Once mastered u will never lose a clone .atleast i dont with this method.

equipment needed
- razor blade
- rooting hormone
- humidity tent "cake cover works"
- heating pad
- rockwool cubes
flower/bloom fert of any sort

most common mistake with this method is over spraying cubes or trying to rip cube open to see roots just wait they will appear in 7 days or a few more

soak cubes at 1/10th strength with bloom formula i use 10-50-10 shultz(dirtFert) and PH adj cubes to 6.0

I only use dirt ferts for clones due to prices of hydro fertz which i cant afford waste on clones

start by taking cutting from lower branch of donor plant.

shave 2 inches off outer layer 2 inches up from where u made the cut.

"use razor blade or something that wont crush the stalk like scissors"

Dip the end of the clone (the part you shaved) into the rooting hormone. and put in the cube. leaves will droop for a few hours and perk up later .

Stick in the humidity tent with heating pad on lowest setting underneath and put under 20w or more of Floros

Monitor you new babies closely for the next 7-14 days. Spray the cuttings once a day
(Foliar feed with 10-50-10 diluted to 1/10th)
to keep them moist and to ensure they dont dry out before the roots have time to develop. Also remove the dome once a day to let fresh air at your cuttings. Check the medium, you want the medium to be moist but NOT SOAKING. let the cubes almost dry out before u spray them again and make sure u spray the leaves. wait atleast 21days before u throw anything out. in 7-10 days in my cases i see roots. spray tent inside also to help with humidity(lightly) some phenos root faster then others same with strains

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