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Fool Proof Cloning
Grow Guide: Fool Proof Cloning Category: Cloning
Author: Captu4ik Post Date: 05-14-2006
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Fool proof cloning! I have had 100 % success using this method, whereas with the aero-cloner I got root rot, with rockwool I got nothing, etc. This is not my design, although this method has been popular with non-MJ growers for many years.
It will yeild clones in less than 14 days, ready to be transplanted to any medium I know of.

To start, let's get to the materials.

We've got 2 identical Tupperware dishes, one I've already painted black. The containers must nest, 1 inside the other, with at least 1 1/2" between the 2 containers. This gap can be made by inserting a spacer between the 2 containers, but it is just as easy to find the proper shaped containers. Tupperware should be 4 -6" deep, also. Other dimensions depend on how many cuts you'll be rooting.
If you buy clear containers like I did, one needs to be painted black. This container will go on the outside.
We've got 3 Tiki Torch Wicks. There's a million different brands, all suitable, and can be obtained at any Home DePot or Walmart. In fact, all these materials are easily obtained at either place.
We need a sack of Perlite, preferably coarse.
That's the materials. As for tools, a pair of scissors and a razor knife.

Assemble as follows :

Punch 6 holes in the bottom of a container, approximately the diameter of the wicks.

Cut 3 wicks in half so you have one for each hole.

Place wicks through holes about 1/2 way.

Now fill the bottom container with tapwater, 1 1/2" deep, and place the container with the wicks inside. If the wicks keep the containers from nesting properly, don't be alarmed, wicks will quickly soften and they will nest. It is important to use only tapwater.
The Chlorine in the water will keep nasty stuff from growing.

The next step is to fill the top container with perlite. Fill the container 4 - 6".

Now to find a donor ! I'm taking 1 cut from a NL (fem), just to have a mother, and several cuts from a re-vegged White Widow.
These clones will be grown for more clones for my next big grow.

Cuts can be taken from the mother with scissors.

Here's the rough cuts. The WW cuts look really strange because they haven't fully re-vegged. They will still work.

Here's the NL cut. I've taken off the bottom leaves, and scraped the stem with my razor knife, from the end up about one inch. I tried to cut the end at a 45 degree angle, but screwed it up. You know what ? It doesn't really matter.
If you scrape the stem, the roots will grow.

Now take your razor knife and poke a hole in the perlite, at least 4" deep.

Bury the cut in the hole, covering all the bare stem. Do not use rooting gel or powder ! These are not necessary, and will cause bad things to grow !

After filling the container with cuts, check the bottom container. Water will have to be added again. Usually, if you re-fill at this point, water level will have to be checked about every three days. Always re-fill with tapwater. I have placed my cloner in the shade of a larger plant. You can also use 1 42w CFL.

Leave cuts alone for 10 to 12 days. At the end of this period, dig each rooted clone out of the perlite, being very careful. I use a wooden coffee stirrer.

How this works : Perlite wicks moisture while holding air. The torch wicks pull water up from the bottom container (reservoir), into the Perlite, and the perlite wicks enough moisture for the clones to root, while leaving enough oxygen for the process also.

Do not use anything but tapwater. Do not use any nutes, rooting gels, Superthrive, or anything else besides tapwater ! This is essential. Do not check the cuts for roots before day 10, I wait until day 12.

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