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Odor Control, How to Make a Carbon Filter
Grow Guide: Odor Control, How to Make a Carbon Filter Category: Indoor
Author: web420 Post Date: 05-18-2006
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There's no excuse for allowing skunky odors to betray a ganja growroom and compromise your security. Even the smallest closet setup needs air filtration, and budgetary concerns shouldn't hinder anyone's ability to stifle smells. Nothing beats a professionally manufactured carbon filter, but they can be expensive for the hobbyist gardener. Below is a simple step-by-step solution for creating a homemade carbon filter that is both effective and cheap.

Materials Needed:
Electric drill
4-inch hole-saw bit
1/8-inch drill bit 4-inch dryer hose
4-inch dryer-hose flange
5-gallon plastic paint bucket with airtight Lid HEPA filter cartridge
1 tub of silicon caulking
25 pounds of activated carbon (available at any pet shop]

Use the 5-gallon bucket as a template and mark a circle in the HEPAfilter cartridge. Cut the circle out and make sure it fits cleanly in the bottom of the bucket.

Using the 4-inch holesaw bit, cut a hole in the center of the 5-gallon bucket Lid. Make sure the dryer-hose flange fits snugly in the hole.

Position the dryer-hose flange in the hole that you've just cut in the bucket lid. Put beads of caulking around the base of the flange and press together until you have an airtight seal. Let these pieces dry overnight.

Drill a few dozen randomly placed holes in the bottom of the bucket using the 1/8-inch drill bit. This is where the clean air will come out.

Place the precut piece of HEPA filter in the bottom of your bucket. Now dump in all of the activated carbon until full.

Put the lid on the bucket, making sure it snaps shut and is seated tight. Attach the 4-inch dryer hose to the 4-inch flange. The dryer hose can be attached to the exhaust end of a blower.

The blower fan will move air from your grow space through the dryer hose and into the filter. Tiny pores in the carbon will capture and lock up all of the odor as the air makes its way through the filter. Smelly air enters, clean air exits, and the grower sleeps soundly at night.

Article Copied from HighTime Mag 2/06
Author: Joe Holden

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