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Butane Honey Oil The Easy Way!
Grow Guide: Butane Honey Oil The Easy Way! Category: Hash & Resin Extraction
Author: Amber Trich Post Date: 05-26-2006
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Butane Honey oil: Made with a corona beer bottle.

This method of making butane honey oil is very simple and quick... Here's the things needed to make your honey oil, 2 1/2 ounces small buds and/or trim approx, glass drill bit/drill, thick bowl (that won't shatter in cold/heated conditions) and a container that the bowl will fit into (have ready in jug of hot tap water to put into container) , corona beer stubbie bottle, 2 x butane gas cylinders(type used for refilling lighters),tea towel/gloves, small piece of silk (5cm square),and 3 rubber bands to fasten silk to top of bottle, ya scizzors (to chop up).

Wrap the bottle in tea towel and use gloves. (Putting a bit of tape over bottle will reduce the chance of shattering) drill slowly!. Pack the bottle and attach your piece of silk with rubberbands.

Pack the bottle and attach your piece of silk with rubberbands.

Use tip from butane canister to exactly fit hole made and insert, tilt to as close as possible to upright over bowl. Start expelling the butane into the hole, it may take 30 secs or so for anything to start coming out ( and makes a loud hissing noise....don't jump )

After expelling cans through, put the bowl into waiting container and fill half way up bowl with hot tap water. The mix will start to bubble as it releases the butane. Once the mix has almost stopped bubbling put it into freezer to allow cooling for a few mins, place back into the container and again add hot water (half temp of first lot). This will release the last of the butane. Once it stops bubbling again.....it's ready.

If you want to put your Honey oil into a vial or similar container, do it now before it sets... Butane gas is a dangerous flamable substance....... Stay away from cigerettes, naked flames or anything that makes a sparks.... ie fridges.

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