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$5 Bargain Bubble Bucket
Grow Guide: $5 Bargain Bubble Bucket Category: Hash & Resin Extraction
Author: fourleafroller Post Date: 05-26-2006
Rating: 4.25/5 (4 votes) Views: 4101
This is a lil bargain i found in lowes the other day. walkin along the paint section looking for new bucket design ideas i ran into these paint bucket strainers. they come in 1gal and 5gal sizes! the price i am unsure of because the girl rang me up for three cone filters at $0.96 but im pretty sure its about the same. the bucket was the most expensive at $3.98 but its a rubber maid to match my cloners. lol also its a seal and save so the lid will keep your trimmings until your ready to bubble.

I started off by putting the strainer in the bucket, then weed, ice and finally water to a level about 2" above the weed. mixed with mixer for a couple mins squeezed the trim as i removed it, then poured the remaining mix through coffee filters. i suggest you use several filters as it would take a while to drip through one. i used 4 during this wash. after sqeezing the water from the filters i rubbed the bubble up with my thumb and kept removing water with an extra filter. this lil $5 investment netted me 1.7 grams of straight up bubble the first run! cant wait to get some brand name trimmings to go in there!

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