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With 15 years of growing experience, I decided to start breeding exclusively with auto-flowering plants. After reading an article in "Heads" magazine, I was very intrigued with this new small wonder plant aptly named "Lowryder" (bred by The Joint Doctor). After growing Lowryder for several generations, I realized that creating a bigger auto-flowering Hybrid that could easily be grown indoors, or outdoors could be very useful. Obviously auto-flowering plants are not for everyone, however I definitely feel that it has a place in the MJ community. So I've been crossing, backcrossing, and inbreeding to try and obtain a more bulldog type Lowryder Hybrid, and by selecting the first to show sex, best looking, and most vigorous plants, I hope to achieve this goal. To date I have done over 20 crosses with Lowryder, and I'm currently working on two Hybrids that will soon be 100% in their properties. In my experience thus far, first generation Lowryder crosses will give at least 25% auto-flowering within the first four weeks. I have had as much as 50%. Here are a couple of the best crosses I have to offer.

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