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Well here it is, my debut, my coming out, whatever you want to call it, I finally had to come out of hiding. After years of being a recluse my final decision to become an activist in the Medicinal Cannabis community has mainly stemmed from my own sickness. I will tell you of my sickness not because I am looking for sympathy or pity but because I honestly feel in my heart that Cannabis has been greatly miss-portrayed to the public masses worldwide and it is time to bring about change. Not only a change in the politicians but a change in overall compassion that is in the hearts and souls of All human kind. Who is hurting whom here? What is so wrong with using Cannabis as pain management? Why can't our Governments' get it together and realize that it was put here for a reason. To Help & To Heal. I have Acute Leukemia and have been battling it for 2 years now. I have been in and out of remission more times than carter has liver pills. I have had 21 surgical procedures & 13 Tumor removals from my spinal cord alone since 2001. Along with the Acute Leukemia I picked up a bonus case of staff infection from all the surgeries that have incurred. Along with the Scars from the surgeries came Rheumatoid Arthritis on my spinal cord and a diagnosis of Mar fans' Syndrome and Hepatitis C and partially detached retinas. I think that pretty much qualifies me to be involved with my own pain management. I have been given every prescription know to man and nothing works as good as Cannabis (for me anyway) You can keep the Diluted you can keep the Demerol and Mepergan, you can keep the Oxycotin I don't need them I have all those medications and they are collecting dust in my medicine cabinet. All 6 of my doctors know I am a medical cannabis user and are aware that I use it for pain management. None object!!! Not one, yet if they succumb to our needs then they will loose their license. It's simply not right

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