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I have been an indoor grower for close to 25 years and am a founding member of Overgrow. Back when Soul and Sly of Brothers Grimm were already selling genetics world wide we were still Trading Clones freely of elite strains.

My mentors were people like A/B Hyb, Nesta, and Vic High.I am now a legal Caregiver and we grow in 100% organic Super soil.My focus now is cubing and stabilizing elite crosses that hang around in clone form only. I created jacks Cleaner the Potency in Life saver and discovered Micanopy Moonbeam that makes up Blue moon.

We now have breeding rooms in Canada and the US to duplicate our succesfull crosses.
Something we feel is unique is the fact that most of our breeding projects are documented online.
Doc was the first person to see what we were doing and give us the chance to go public.I remain very active and am online daily to answer any questions.

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