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Orange Velvet Bx

This remarkable find comes to us courtesy of MzJill. She was gifted an amazing Orange skunk that to me resembled AE's California Orange but with larger buds and a thicker stalk. It will turn a Vibrant Maroon when exposed to cooler night temps almost turning black just before harvest. She has a light happy buzz that makes me laugh and smile. Her taste is what is the most amazing here is what one grower said after sampling some OV. "Orange Velvet reminds me of a warm summer day eating dreamcicles underneath the trees in the backyard. This is one of the most pleasant tastes I have ever experienced; like vanilla icecream coated in orange sherbert. Honestly if you are looking for a smoke that will please all of your senses this is the one for you.

It is a nice high, very mellow, so you can get things done if you need to, and tastes like you bit off a piece of the sunset and it melted in your mouth.
The Jillybean used in this bx is a direct offspring and the cool part about this cross is Jillybean may be better than the mother plant so this just stabilizes the phenotype and locks down the Orange in a larger percentage.

* Genetics: Backcrossed Orange Velvet
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