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Haze #1
A pure Haze, derived from early 70's Californian stocks. Haze needs no introduction from us. We are lucky to be able to share this vitally important strain with the world in pure for as a limited edition only available through BBay and Cannasuer.

Not to be confused with the much hyped 'Dutch' Hazes, that flower in 12 weeks, this is a pure Sativa, comprising the best of the worlds Landrace Sativas of old. Very special breeding and collectors genetics, being shared in pure form for the first time since Sacred Seeds went underground in the early 1970s. This is a unique opportunity to acquire genetics that are trully legendry.

A incredible Sativa that delivers some of the most phsycoactive Cannabis on earth, the stuff legeneds are made of for sure. The high is completely without limit and this herb will take you places no others will. The more you smoke the higher you get.

This strain takes up to 18 weeks, sometimes more in flowering but will deliver high yields of amazing flowers. Great outside, difficult, not impossible inside.
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