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Northern Lights

This is one of the true classic strains. NL has been popular for decades and for a good reason. It's an extremely fast growing and high yielding plant. Add to that the fact its very potent with a delicious sativa-indica high and you have a perfect plant for anyone's garden. This is a must for growers who prefer short bushy plants. The buds have an extremely frosted resinous appearance, and the yield is high. It has a high calyx to leaf ratio giving large buds.

Hint: Use light soil when growing. Growth rate of up to 3" per day. 100% Stable. For the last couple of years the Northern Lights has dominated the various Harvest Festivals. Through selective breeding success has been made in producing one of the most powerful plants in the world. compact, powerful with a good yield and exceptional resin production. It has been called the most lucrative plant for the indoor grower. This particular variety of Northern Lights is a blend of several NL's. It has been selectively inbred to bring out the best qualities of all the subvarieties.

* Indoor/Outdoor
* Flower: 8 weeks
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