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White Russian
This is my version of the famous White Russian. The father in this cross was White Widow from Greenhouse seeds in Amsterdam. The mother was AK47 from Serious Seeds. Here are a few things that were said about AK47. An easy-growing good producer, this strains power earned it the name. More the idea of a "one hit wonder" than anything violent is intended by the name. "AK" has won many awards at the Cannabis Cup and other Cannabis festivals, 6 in total. These plants have a short flowering period, producing hard compact buds which gleam with resin crystals making any farmer proud. Quality without compromise, this is some serious flowerpower. White widow is a cannabis cup winner famous for it's frosty resin coated buds and knockout power. It's been on the scene a long time and is considered one of the premier strains in the world today. When you put together two grand champions like this, the result is another champion.

* Indoor/Outdoor
* Flower: 8 weeks
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