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This is the blueberry I've been using in my blue crosses such as Blue Apollo and others. I got it originally from DJ Short a few years back and am offering it in an F2 form. Blueberry is a high yielder with the soaring blueberry high and delicious blueberry smell. It gives large buds that are rock solid. Blueberry has been a favorite of many growers for years now and has won many awards. Your mouth will be watering every time you tend your plants. Try to wait until they finish before you sample some, I know it will be hard to wait. The blueberry moms have blue/purple stems particularly in the seedlings and the leaves or buds also tend to turn a bluish shade at the finish. Both blueberry and A11 are hardy vigorous plants with very nice buds. I expect this one to be a winner. Top them in veg so they stay short for you at the finish. I recommend a not too strong nute schedule. If you are growing in bubblers try a tds of 800 or 900 max. In soil use a little less than you use on your other plants.

* Indoor/Outdoor
* Flower: 8 weeks
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