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Hawaiian Sativa

The Hawaiian is a pure sativa origininating from the big Island of Hawaii and found in abundance not far from Mauna Kea. It's been bred and stabilized for more than 15 years on Vancouver Island. Sugary with crystal, it has a very destinctive citrus odour and menthol flavour that tingles the taste buds and tickles the brain. Tall vigorous growth with few branches, classic cactus shape. Extreme elongation in the first two weeks of flowering with tufts of long thin hairs developing into long sticky spear buds which thicken up after the sixth or seventh week. The lemon flavor intensifies when flushed for a long time (3 weeks) with straight water. Very energetic and up high, great to smoke during the day for an active lifestyle. Height 8 feet Flowering time 10-12 wks Yield 8 oz full size. 3/4oz in a 2 gal pot. Harvest outdoor Nov 1 to forever.

* Genetics: Sativa
* Type: Indoor/Outdoor
* Yield: High
* Flowering: 10-12 weeks
* Harvest: 1st week Nov.
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