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A super vigorous sativa –dominate growing strain that is suited to indoor cultivation. The scent is a sweet pine in early flowering but nearing harvest it becomes very sweet and to a fruity lemon with a hint of pine smell like affect. It won't fool anyone who's familiar with MJ, but the average person might not recognize the scent as pot They start to smell a little near the end of harvest, so this works well helping lessoning the amount of time your garden smells. I consider DTC99 (A) a very cerebral and thought provoking, a happy high with a citrus like flavor that is very enjoyable when smoking. DTC99 (A) is not a speedy or psychedelic compared to DTC99 (C) but can be a little over powering if you over-indulge and paranoia-inducing for some. While other just enjoy the uplifting head high. Past history of DTC99 The Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC) bred a Thai strain for four generations to stabilize its traits favouring indoor cultivation. SSSC's famous Durban Poison male was used to pollinate a particularly sweet Thai female from this fourth generation. The hybrid was called "Durban Thai Highflier" by SSSC is has quite a reputation among Cannabis "Old-timers". They exhibited the best genes from both sides of their heritage, maturing early and remaining reasonably compact due to the Durban's influence. True Thai weed is sickly sweet, but when crossed with the Durban, the hybrid took on a taste distinctly like black liquorice. Bros Grimm decided to cross a particularly early-maturing female SSSC Durban Thai with a Cinderella 99 male to produce DTC99 Any sign of Durban Poison in this cross has been carefully selected so it does not show in the offspring so if you are looking for a mid range indica/sat outcome you better look else where as this DTC99 (A) is entirely focused on the sativa influence of the cross. Nothing but wonderful highs can be found in this strain.

* Flowering: 60 - 70 days
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