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Nevilles Haze

Neville's Haze has never been easy to grow in terms of patience, management or yield, but this has always been compensated by a first class high. But running the risk of some plants never finish flowering and taking over 14 weeks to be harvested has been enough to deter many growers from ever experience the sensational high this lovely strain can bring. So over the last few generations of Neville haze I have constantly selected the most Sativa dominate early finishing numbers and inbreed them. You will find some girls continuing to carry the ultimate head high while others have levelled out due to the Northern lights influence in the strain but most still contain around 70% plus of the original lift. This inbreeding was not intended to replace the original ultra Neville's haze but to make the strain more stable in growth and flowering giving less experience growers or should I say the less patient a chance to try some thing close to the originals. A great day time smoke, with an uplifting high that makes socializing a joy. Carrying an onion/spice like aroma, and very resinous.

* Flower: 12 - 14+ weeks
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